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               We Couldn't find good BBQ in town                    sO we started our Own restaurant 


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                                    Sherman Oaks, Ca .91423


the beginning... Our story starts on a typical day for me, a long day, making great pizzas, pastas, wings, salads and more for the people of Sherman Oaks.  This particular day though ended very late and I decided to make myself a Large Hawaiian pizza to take with me to the Beach and a short boat ride in my dinghy.

 It was dark, late and I was really tired, too tired to remember to bring gas!  Soon my tank was dry.  Drifting away from shore I had to break out a paddle. I paddled for hours, I paddled until daybreak.  Exhausted I took a break and to my amazement saw what looked like a pod of Dolphins swimming in my direction.  As they came closer I could see among the dolphins was a dark skinned man with long dreads and tattoos swimming.  With a rope he was pulling a cow, some pigs along with floating boxes which looked like supplies.  The man swam up to me, I asked if he could help me.  He replied, “I Mon”.  I jumped on his back, held on to his dreads and he swam.

To my panic he wasn’t swimming to shore, he was taking me out to sea!  I yelled, “please take me to land!”  Every time he would reply, “I Mon”.  He swam and swam, there was no stopping him!

Finally, he brought us to a very small deserted Island, clearly too small to be charted.  Once on shore I collapsed from exhaustion, the last thing I heard was this mysterious man saying, “I Mon”.  

I awoke to the smell of the most wonderful mix of herbs, spices and BBQ meat cooking.  The man handed me a plate... ” I Mon, he said”.  A man with few words for sure, up to that point that's the only thing he uttered to me.  "I Mon."  The food was absolutely the best BBQ food I have ever had. I was so grateful, I wanted to give something back.  I had held on to the Hawaiian pizza I had made and ran to get it for him.  He warmed it up over his fire, took a bite and with a big smile he said, “ I Mon, this is great Pizza!  Even as leftovers, I think we must be Food Brothers!”

I told him that from now on I will call him, I'Mon, my Food Brother.  We stayed on his Island for days. We talked, I 'Mon cooked his amazing BBQ with a slight Island flavor. I knew Sherman Oaks was still getting great Pizza from Leaning Tower (I have a great staff), but thought they would also love great BBQ too. I presented the idea of him coming back with me, using my amazing pizza to seal the deal, I'Mon agreed and together we returned. I keep making amazing pizza at Leaning Tower and I'Mon making his great BBQ.  I'Mon fell in love with Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Van Nuys and all areas within a 3 mi. radius, and Mo’Dish BBQ Delivery was born.  I am sure the first time you taste I’Mon’s amazing BBQ you will be ordering again and again, its just Mo' Better...




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